ECN Network

ECN offers a broad set of cost-effective voice, data, and hosted services to meet our customer's ever-growing technological needs.

Their market-leading voice solutions provide our customers with the option of replacing their existing voice service provider to substantially reduce their monthly telecommunications bill. Customers have the option of porting their geographic numbers to ECN and savings are achieved with competitive outbound call rates and lower infrastructure costs.

Business Grade Internet

ECN’s business-grade Internet access products allow customers to deal with a single service provider for both their voice and data services, simplifying support and billing queries.

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Hosted Services

ECN’s hosted services complement their voice solutions and enable customers to move their physical PBX and call logging infrastructure into the cloud. This gives customers the flexibility and scalability they need in today’s ever changing business environment.



ECN has negotiated attractive wholesale termination rates with the incumbent national telephone networks and can provide customers with top-quality voice services at discounted prices on the full range of fixed-line call types. As soon as a customer is connected to ECN, it will immediately begin to see cost reductions in its monthly telephone bill. ECN guarantees that customers will make substantial savings on fixed-to-mobile, local, national and international calls.